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Soul Architect

 Clarissa J. Barraza

Assisting you to Clear, Align and Restore the magic of who you truly are to joyfully follow your Life Path. 

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Hi, I'm Clarissa

I offer high vibration healing sessions to help unlock your true potential by harmonizing your heart with your mind so that they work together to allow you to joyfully follow your Life Path and manifest your true desires.

With 28 years of experience as a professional massage therapist/healer I blend my intuitive abilities and the energy healing method of Pendulum Healing. I can help you resolve unresolved or buried feelings that are still registering at a cellular level and bring about profound transformation and a new found lease on life.

I have created a Soul Architecture healing protocol that helps all clear trauma originating from conception through six months of age. 

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What Is Pendulum Healing?

Pendulum Healing uses specialized pendulums to transform or shift energy from one state to another. Using spoken words or prayer combined with the movement and design of the pendulum/energy in motion, transformation can occur. Pendulums act much like a prism that can receive light or information from the environment and radiate light or new possibilities simultaneously—thus having an effect on the energy field of the subject. Much like adjusting the strings of a guitar to vibrate at an accurate pitch. Pendulums help to adjust the frequency of your energy.

Sessions are intended to support emotional, physical and spiritual wellness for the highest good. 

Pendulum Healing does not guarantee a certain outcome, It can however, increase the possibility of change to occur. 


I continue to be amazed by the results I witness and the feedback that I get from my clients. I invite you to unlock your greatness!

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The applications for Pendulum Healing are extensive. Sessions are  unique to the individual and results vary depending on the circumstance. 


  • SOUL ARCHITECTURE - Clear, Align and Rebuild 

      RESONANCE HEALING - Alignment of thoughts and          feelings for increased manifestation of desires. 

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing 

  • Emotional Healing

  • Love Yourself -  Love Your Life

  • Intuitive bodywork 

  • Health, Relationships and Prosperity

  • Pets and Children

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Clarissa's services are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. They are not intended to substitute for the advice,treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. 

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A Little Love

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The best! Clarissa is so amazingly intuitive; I needed her to “cut the cords” from a past relationship that had me down - I had a new love interest, our first date was the night of my appointment and now I am living with said date! Yay! Can not recommend her enough. ♥️

Clarissa really knows how to get me moving again! She takes her time and I just love her!!

Valerie Lindermann

Amie Rogers

This is the most unique work I’ve experienced. Most closely described as energy work but there’s still something more to it. What I know for certain is that you immediately feel it.
There is clearly a shift that is palpable. I tend to live in the intellectual side of myself pretty heavily so subtle energy work is often missed by me.
Not this, there’s no mistaking a change. Clarissa has a very gentle and nurturing and very safe feel. Almost motherly or your favorite Aunt.
She’s a real expert at what she does! You gotta try this at least once to experience for yourself.

Clarissa is an amazing healer. She helped me clear some emotional blocks I've carried for generations that I didn't even know I had that were affecting me now. Better yet, she did this over the phone and I felt it physically - total confirmation of it working! I feel a lot less burdened and better able to make the changes I have been wanting to make for a long time! Thank you SO much for being who you are ♥️

Rosalyn Santos

Heather Evans

It was amazing, felt energized and detoxified. We get so much junk and build up, it is helpful to break it all up and flush it out. Clarissa is wonderful...

She is EXTREMELY GIFTED and I fully endorse her services! I recommend and look forward to my next sessions!

Wendy Wolff White

Greg Reyna

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Soul Architect
10830 N. Central Expy.  Suite 400
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